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Welcome to   Mi Buki di Aruba, a  great alphabet book about Aruba, for all ages! Find out more about Aruba's culture and learn your first Papiamento words! You can order your copy  here: We will send you a payment instruction.

Mi Buki di Aruba / Hardcover, 48 pages in full colour, Papiamento/ English/Dutch. Price $ 20 / € 17,95 / Awg 35 (excl. Shipping)   Local shipping fees apply and may vary. Within Aruba, personal delivery or pickup may be arranged. Within the Netherlands, € 4,50 shipping fee applies (up to 3 copies). For shipping to US, Bonaire & Curaçao, delivery time and fees may vary. Your copy of the printed book will also give personal access to the digital version of Mi Buki di Aruba.

In Aruba, also available in the following retail locations: Plaza Bookshop, (Dakota), The Deli Counter (Dr. Horacio Oduber Hospital), Intertoys (above Superfood) From December 6th:   DeWit & VanDorp (Book stores Mainstreet/Dakota/San Nicolas/Noord), Ostrich Farm, Divi Village & Sundeck, La Cabana, Tamarijn Resort, Holiday Inn Resort, Cocosol (Renaissance Mall), Island Breeze giftshops (Aruba Airport)

Mi Buki di Aruba pictures many vivid aspects of Aruban culture, by clear and colourful  drawings of unique birds and animals, monuments and sites, persons, food,  flora and music culture. Under each drawing you can read the common word or local name in (Aruban) Papiamento  as well as  its English and Dutch translation. No matter if you are living in Aruba or if you are  a curious  passer-by, the book welcomes you  to connect with the island's character and language. Also when you are a parent, a grandparent or a teacher, Mi Buki di Aruba helps  you to teach your children about Aruba and enjoy Papiamento together.

The creator of this book, Steffen Maas is living and working in Aruba and The Netherlands. For many years he has practiced illustration, photography and graphic design, after graduating in the Netherlands with a master’s degree from St. Joost school of Art in Breda. Steffen has designed books, exhibitions as well as memorial objects in public space, while teaching at several art academies at home and abroad. He also teaches ‘visual storytelling’ workshops at various universities in China, creating unexpected dialogues with Chinese students about their culture.

Steffen is the author and designer of ArubABC, BonABC and CurABC – a striking design and local language project that teaches children about culture of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. The ABCs promote the characteristics of each island to its residents as well as to visitors from abroad. While stimulating literacy, reading and writing Papiamento to kids, they also create environmental awareness and appreciation of local culture.  The Prince Bernhard Culture Fund (Dutch Caribbean Dept) supports the lauch of this  unique ABC project, enabling Steffen Maas to further establish the  program by the help of local stakeholders and sponsors. The Aruba Government Education Dept  has adopted the ArubABC book s by providing them to all primary schools in Aruba.   World Literacy Foundation donates to the book productions and instigates further private funding to implement the concept to other islands in the Caribbean. 

By purchasing any art work, stationary gift or educational item of ArubABC, BonABC or CurABC, you give your personal support to  further develop attractive and effective class materials and implement these in schools on the islands.


Welcome to ABC Books

Thank you for visiting ABC Books!  You can preview and order our different ABCs, created for anyone  who feels a connection with Caribbean  or Chinese Culture. Our current titles are Mi Buki di Aruba, Mi  Buki di Boneiru, Mi Buki  di Kòrsou and My Book of ChinABC. You can order them by sending an email to   We will send you a payment instruction.

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