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ArubABC | BonABC | CurABC wants to promote the unique culture of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao to its own inhabitants as well as to foreign visitors. It also aims to stimulate literacy, reading and cultural awareness among kids on the ABC-islands. By purchasing any art work, stationary gift or educational item of ArubABC, BonABC or CurABC, you support the author to produce class materials and implement them in schools on the islands.

The creator of this book, Steffen Maas has studied illustration, photography and graphic design and graduated with a master’s degree from Post St. Joost in Breda. He is now living and working in Aruba and Holland. Steffen has designed books, exhibitions as well as memorial objects in public space. He has taught at several art academies, including in Breda, Auckland NZ, Lisbon and Aruba.

He has also taught ‘visual storytelling’ workshops at universities in China (e.g. at CAFA Beijing, Zheijiang University of Technology Hangzhou, MIADA Chonqing, Tongji Shanghai), creating a dialogue with Chinese students about their culture.

Steffen is the creator of ArubABC, BonABC and CurABC – a unique program that teaches children about language and culture of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. The concept will also be applied to other Caribbean islands, China and USA.

ArubABC, BonABC and CurABC are supported by:   

The Prince Bernhard Culture Fund (Caribbean Dept) supports ArubABC, BonABC and CurABC in its development of class materials. World Literacy Foundation donates to the production of the books and instigates private funding of the ABC Project for the Caribbean.

Het Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied  (PBCCG) stelt het doel om financiële steun te verlenen aan activiteiten, projecten en publicaties op het terrein van geschiedenis en letteren, beeldende kunst, podiumkunsten, monumentenzorg en natuurbehoud op alle zes eilanden van de Nederlandse Antillen.

World Literacy Foundation strives to ensure that every young individual regardless of geographic location has the opportunity to acquire literacy and reading skills to reach their full potential, succeed at school and beyond. We provide free access to quality education materials and innovate solutions that target wide-scale illiteracy.

Departamento di Enseñansa Aruba (DEA) ta e organo oficial di Gobierno cu ta responsabel pa maneho di Enseñansa na Aruba. Percura pa maneho y crea condicion, cu ta garantisa enseñansa di calidad, cu ta brinda oportunidad optimal di desaroyo, di cada ser humano den nos comunidad.

The creator of ChinABC, Steffen Maas is not only an illustrator and graphic designer, but also a passionate teacher. He lives and works in the Netherlands and Aruba.

Steffen graduated from St Joost School of Art & Design with a master’s degree in Graphic Design and he has created numerous exhibitions, books and public art works. He loves to travel and uses photography and drawing to explore new places. Steffen has a special love for China where he has been many times.

Joined by his friend and colleague Maarten VERWEIJ, Steffen teaches Visual Storytelling to design students in China, creating revealing dialogues about their culture. Steffen has lectured at several Chinese universities:

-Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
-Sino-Finnish Center of Tongji, Shanghai
-Nanjing University, Nanjing
-Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou
-Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou
-Wenzhou Business College, Wenzhou
-Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou
-MIADA of CTBU, Chongqing
-Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou
-Shanxi University, Taiyuan
-Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang

This book was edited by Li Zhou who is a Chinese teacher with a passion for Chinese teaching and cross- cultural communication. Currently she is teaching Chinese at Dan Hua Culture & Education Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

She graduated with a master’s degree in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Central China Normal University in 2014 and is a certified Chinese Teacher to speakers of other languages by Confucius Institute Headquarters since 2016.

Driven by an interest in the power of Chinese characters, Li loves to integrate stories of Chinese characters in her class as they are closely related with their origin, culture and history. Li has taught at several schools in China and in France:

-Huawen Language Studio, Wuhan, China
-Ecole de Jean Moulin, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France
-Collège des Hauts Grillets, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France


ChinABC is supported by:

Verhalenhuis Belvédère wil door middel van kunst, cultuur en (persoonlijke) verhalen zo veel mogelijk mensen met elkaar en met de stad verbinden. We maken mensen, gemeenschappen en de veranderende stad zichtbaar voor elkaar en voor een breed publiek en dragen zo bij aan de culturele en maatschappelijke ontwikkeling van de stad.

Meer dan Babi Pangang biedt een platform waarbij het ontdekken, ontwikkelen,  produceren, begeleiden en promoten van diverse creatievelingen, in de breedste zin van het  woord, vanuit de  Aziatische gemeenschap centraal staat.

Thanks to
Space 101/Fenmei Hu -



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